Dance the Night Away - dance floor with friends

Dance the Night Away

The fun never stops with Bareback Bar & Icehouse just around the corner. This lively sports bar and saloon in Spring, Texas, has everything you could want for a great night out. Bareback Bar & Icehouse has it all. Whether you’re in the mood for some traditional American fare, feeling the rhythm on the dance floor, or enjoying live music. It’s a place where you can watch your favorite sports teams on big screens. Enjoy live performances and hang out with friends all in one spot. There’s plenty of entertainment, from solo acts and open mic nights to full bands and karaoke. Plus, with areas to play pool, dance, and chill, it’s perfect for any mood. Planning a get-together? You can book areas, tables, or even the whole place. And let’s not forget the spacious deck, ideal for any gathering. Ready to fuel your fun? Come and dance the night away at Allora Klein Crossing. Schedule a tour today and see what makes it the place to be.

Dance the Night Away

Bareback Bar & Icehouse caters to every preference, whether you’re there for the food, the games, or the music. The menu offers delicious traditional American dishes that are sure to satisfy your hunger. And if you’re a sports fan, you won’t miss a play with numerous TVs and a massive 10 ft projection screen. For those who love live music and dancing, the hardwood dance floor and lineup of performers provide the perfect backdrop for a fun night. It’s where you can start your evening with a meal and end up dancing the night away.

Gather and Celebrate

Looking for the perfect spot for your next gathering? Bareback Bar & Icehouse offers flexible options for booking. Whether it’s a small get-together with friends, a birthday bash, or a larger event, there are spaces to fit your needs. The spacious deck is especially great for meetings, games, relaxing, and socializing. It’s a versatile venue that can accommodate just about any type of event. This makes it a go-to spot for locals looking to celebrate or simply enjoy a night out.

The Heart of Spring, Texas

Nestled in the vibrant community of Spring, Texas, Allora Klein Crossing is at the heart of it all. Bareback Bar & Icehouse is just one example of a lively local scene that residents can enjoy. The area has rich entertainment options, from bars and restaurants to parks and recreational activities. Living here means you’re always close to your next adventure, whether enjoying live music, savoring great food, or just exploring the neighborhood. It’s a place where convenience meets community, offering the best of suburban living with a dash of excitement.

Living at Allora Klein Crossing means being at the center of the action, with places like Bareback Bar & Icehouse providing endless entertainment options. Whether you’re into sports, live music, or just hanging out with friends, there’s something here for everyone. Dance the night away and discover the vibrant lifestyle that awaits you at Allora Klein Crossing. Schedule a tour today!